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Laughing Elephants Campsite is located in Westen Ghats, near Sagar, Shimoga, nestled in a (sharavathi) Sharavathy valley, on the banks of sharavathy backwaters and surrounded by lush green Western Ghats forest.

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(Departure from Bangalore 26/04/2019 Friday 10:00 PM)

Sharavathy Valley and camping by its backwater shores itself is a blissful experience, and added to that, the lush green dense forest of western ghats and a trek to Bheemanaheje hill to view the vast water body and Lingnamakki reservoir is an all-out adventure and an exciting experience.

Join us an exciting two-day adventure camp this weekend. For information call 63628 99217 or 98450 67548

Join Elephant Welfare Cause

Laughing Elephants is actively involved in supporting the welfare cause of Elephants, Both in captivity and Wild. We believe elephants are the keepers of the earth, and so is considered as god, Ganesha. A god,d we all affectionately worship.

Elephants have been a part of our religious events for hundreds of years, but unfortunately, to make them participate in such events they are conditioned by a process called “Crush”, which contradicts our own culture of treating them as god, and while conflict of elephants with humans is a matter of high concern due to loss of life on both sides.

At Laughing Elephants we work with an objective to bring in a fine balance between culture, tradition, survival instincts between elephants and humans…

Our Campsite

Situated in the Honnemaradu taluk, one of Western Ghats unspoiled havens, silently tucked in the midst of Sharavathy valley, the Laughing Elephants campsite is an offbeat location where you can experience star-filled sky on a clear night, sweet melodies of birds chirping and if lucky enough peacocks dancing in the sharavathy backwater bed, and mystique view of Bheemanahejje hills.

Location: Kolchugar, Iduvani Cross, Sagar, Shimoga

Telephone: 98450 67548 / 6362899217

Email: kiraanchandrashekar@gmail.com

FB page: facebook.com/laughingelephants

Zero Footprint

Caring for Bio-Diversity  of Western Ghats

The name “Laughing Elephants” for the campsite is derived from our initiative for the welfare of captive elephants and elephants in wild facing conflict with humans. (Please note we don’t have in our campsite or we own any as we believe “its free and wild elephants that are happy) For more information or to join us in this initiative visit The Cause page.

Located in the Western Ghats, situated on the fringes of reserved forest, the bank of sharavathy backwater, and close to Jogfalls, Laughing Elephants campsite, offers a pure experience of wilderness and thrill, fun and bliss without compromising on facilities which are aligned with eco-conservation.

Your comfort and basic needs are top of our priority list, hence, we have provision for tent accommodation for up to 40 people. The campsite is equipped with a good toilet facility. Provision of Indian and continental food is also on our menu. In Laughing Elephants Campsite, you are sure to get all you need for the enchanting camping experience.


Our Principle

” We as individuals & an organization are extremely concerned about the environment. We believe in nature-friendly interaction as intrusions. Hence we totally endorse the zero impact camping approach while we believe in leaving behind just our footprints & nothing else!!! ”

– Laughing Elephants

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Location: Kolachugar, Sharavathy Valley, Sagar, Shimoga

Telephone: 98450 67548 / 63628 99217

Email: kiraanchandrashekar@gmail.com

FB page: laughingelephants