The Laughing Elephants campsite is a very fascinating and fun place to be – learning, playing, entertainment in the natural environment of Sharavathy valley, and a host of other “rejuvenating getaway” concepts.

Deep inside the jungle loom is an intricate web of life. One that is mysterious, yet beautiful filled with the real life of adventure, joy & learning; a pleasant change from our material & cosmetic real worlds that thrive on a totally fabricated set of ethos.

On outbound Programs, we examine the boundaries of each, evaluate the similarities and zero in on learning that could be common to both: for we strongly believe that both these worlds co-exist in absolute harmony. Here’s where our facilitators come in to decode learning in the natural world such that we take back volumes of learning.

For the young, energetic & extremely curious, COP’s are meant to induct a young tribe of your organization by introducing them to the outdoors in a special way – through interesting nature games and other media wherein they inculcate team participation, work ethics, leadership qualities, role responsibilities, self-realization, and confidence. Thus making way for an efficient team.

Join us as we lead you on a unique program to interpret a labyrinth of emotions as experienced in the outdoors & translate that to meaningful learning: the journey is ought to be a revealing one.

Nature and its vivacious forms: the birds, animals, plants & people who amidst them, the outdoors canvas is a unique interlinking of various living forms. Beyond the confine of their classrooms, as student step out into a real world, & seek answers to their questions and partake in a real-life discussion on nature issues, science could have never been more fun.

Our program inculcates a sense of curiosity and reasoning – much required as a survival tool for students in today’s world. OLP’s are an ideal exposure for students to interact with nature through the medium of Adventure activities.

Climbing the hill on the Western Ghats could mean a lot of things: a mere ego-combat exercise, a lesson in tropical ecology, a field observation trip for biology, a wind & cloud system class – & many more. We work with schools & colleges to complement their academic curriculum by leading students on OLP’s to virgin natural areas.

Join us on bird watching trips, history tours hobnobbing with ancient forts/ monuments tucked in the deep jungle, wildlife programs to know better about animals as head to sanctuaries…the choices are many. Indeed all of them will lead you into a world of self-discovery and enhanced learning.

Peddling or throttling your way to a destination makes the end point even more special.

We offer unique cycle & bike tours that showcase the vibrant culture, rich historic heritage, beauty & diversity of the nature-scape keeping in mind the spirit of adventure.

Cycle Tours are distinct outdoor experiences where not just the place but also the journey is memorable. Camping by the road at night, and striding by the day, cycle tours expose participants to the realities of road – a lot of meaningful learning, yet plenty of fun & camaraderie.

One of our biggest strengths as a nation has been our diversity. Here in Karnataka, ethnic diversity is mind-blowing.

Be it the Halakki’s from the Konkan coast or the Kunubi’s in the hills or the Kuruba’s their way of life, attire, values, and customs are unique & beautiful. Their lives are intertwined with their natural surroundings and community value systems are still at play. As they face adversities as a united community, living-together in sync with nature, interacting with them can be a very revealing experience.

We offer exclusive programs wherein participants partake in their lives as a part of their family/home. A leading a hand in their kitchen or farm– a very interesting experience indeed.

A well deserved holiday for a fit family wanting to vibe with nature.

These are moderate programs with an ideal mix of fun, adventure, learning and much more. The pace of the Program is catered for depending on your Requirement. These treks are virgin opportunities for families and friends to chart out a good blend of adventure, culture & heritage amid nature.

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Art, Adventure & Culture, the three most significant activities to get in touch with yourself.



visual & performing

Explore various form of art and find to what you connect best. right from painting, sculpting, pottery to performing art you can try your hands on various artform.



trek, swim, slack

Looking for that adrenalin rush on a treacherous mountainside, or a mind-challenging climb towards a tall peak, it is for those keen on challenging program to test their physical and mental capacities.



meditate, afforest

Be it local culture, organic farming or a rejuvenating mediation session, We offer exclusive programs wherein participants experience hands-on and understand the crux of our culture.

Discover our best experiences


The campsite is located in Sharavathy valley on the banks of backwaters in the Western Ghats (near Jog falls). The beauty and ambiance and serenity bestowed on this vicinity is ideal for children to learn about nature, science, and ultimately culture. It gives adults the benefits of a spiritual retreat, not forgetting enthusiastic adventurers who would love to explore the wilderness of the Western Ghats.

Laughing Elephants

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This holiday “live natural”

Your comfort and basic needs are top of our priority list, hence, we have provision for tent accommodation for an average of 40 people. The accommodation is equipped with good toilet facilities. Provision of Indian and continental food is also on our menu. In Laughing Elephants Retreat, you are sure to get all you and probably your group needs for a satisfying camping adventure.

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